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Choosing a school district when your child has special needs

We have spent the last 8 months searching for our dream home and finally found it! I’m hoping our journey can help save time and frustration for others! We first picked out areas with low crime rates and listed off places that were near our work places and places that we could see ourselves living. […]

Potty training a child with special needs

Do you ever wish you could travel back in time and slap yourself? Yeah, that’s me when I think of how I complained about how it took so long to potty train my oldest son. It took 2 ½ weeks. You live and you learn with this parenting gig! I’ve spent the better part of […]

How to survive and thrive when you have a chronic illness

I was mostly healthy as a child though I did have occasional bouts of bronchitis. I remember being put in the bathroom with hot water running in the shower and I would sit in the bathroom and breathe the steam in to help break up my cough. That all changed when I turned 15 and […]

Instant Pot Potato Salad Recipe

Ingredients: 6-8 Russet potatoes 8 Vlasic sweet pickles ½ cup sweet pickle juice 1 stalk celery Paprika 4 eggs 1 cup mayo (We prefer Miracle Whip) ½ onion Directions: Wash then peel and dice potatoes Put 1 ½ cups of water in the instant pot with the trivet (rack) to keep the potatoes from sitting […]