June 8, 2017 Alicia 0Comment

It’s summer!

For us Moms that means no more driving kids around, packing lunches or spending hours trying to help our kids with common core math homework each evening! Unfortunately, that also leaves endless hours each day that need filled somehow and I’d prefer if not all of those hours are occupied with screens! My kids have officially been out of school for almost a month and boredom has already set in! I’ve heard “Mom, I’m bored” more than I care to think about already. I believe that it’s good to be bored because that sparks imaginative play. However, to save my sanity I made my own list of ways to beat that summertime boredom!

1) Library. Being the bookworm that I am, my first recommendation is the library! Our local library has a summer reading program which includes snacks, crafts, music, and story times.

2) Park. This one is a no brainer, but I’ve found that my kids really enjoy trying new parks. So we pick different ones to explore and I pack us a little lunch.

3) Metroparks. Our local metroparks have crafts and other activities and even nature hikes. Or you could take the kids biking on a trail and maybe even see some deer!

4) Paint/hide rocks. Facebook has local groups where you can post pictures of the rocks you have painted or that you have found.

5) Pool/swimming.

6) Movie day. I make my kids a snack and on rainy days we watch movies. I’ve been trying to get them to watch movies from my childhood and to my delight it’s working! We recently watched Homeward Bound!

7) Fruit picking. There are several nearby farms where you can pick your own fruit. This is a fun activity that provokes a little thought about where food comes from beyond just magically appearing in the store.

8) Find an instrument to play. My oldest son got a keyboard for Christmas and has diligently been playing it each day!

9) “Car wash” for bikes. I remember washing my bike as a child and now my boys do the same!

10) Camping. I make a fort or set up teepees the boys got for Christmas and they “camp” in the basement!